CosmoFit strives to become a referential fitness center in downtown Barcelona; taking pride on providing our clients with a personalized and close treatment that makes them feel at home. We introduce a balance point between conventional gyms and boutique training fitness centers, parting away from big crowds and offering a true sense of exclusivity.

Thanks to our privileged location, premium treatment, and goal achievement philosophy; we are the answer for the cosmopolitan individual who is committed to succeed in reaching the highest fitness level possible while living a busy urban lifestyle.

In our center you will have at your disposition a modern facility that maximizes the benefits of all   spaces:   latest   generation   cardio   equipment,   isolated   muscle   group   area,   plate   loaded machines area, free weights, functional training equipment, and Small Group Training area.

With ample hours of operation, a wide variety of classes of different intensity levels, high quality equipment and advise, and a shared goals philosophy, we are not only convenient but the best value gym in the area.